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Impact, Innovate, Achieve Together

Yunity’s mission is to inspire, energize, and empower leaders to create solutions that commit to a higher purpose of exponential innovations and conscious businesses, aligned to a triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Profit.  

We bring together a highly scalable advisory, startup-incubator-labs, and venture capital ecosystem of world-renowned experts in exponential technologies, industries, markets, finance, leadership, personal development, and conscious impact, to enable an innovative model for a new generation VC Fund.    

A fund for extraordinary people, ideas, and organizations driving exponential solutions to better our world.


Welcome to the Yunity VC Fund. The best-in-class fund for Exponential Technologies.

Research shows that Exponential Technologies will generate more wealth in this decade, than in the prior century combined.

YUNITY VC Fund is the perfect vehicle to gain a direct and curated exposure, with a unique advantage.