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Yunity Ventures’ VC and its Alpha Hedge Fund are empowering the next generation of centralized and decentralized innovation and disruption.


Redefining DeFi Hedge Funds

One of the first Institutional DeFi hedge funds in the world. Focused on leading-edge distributed financial systems, we provide investors with intelligent exposure to the finest financial engineering and high-performance protocols.

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Yunity VentureS

Native Scalability and Interoperability

Venture Capital

A best-in-class fund for Exponential Technologies. A fund built around people, ideas, and organizations driving exponential solutions to solve big problems in our world.

Decentralized Finance Hedge Fund

An institutional Decentralized Finance Hedge Fund focused on the leading edge of distributed financial systems. Where technology, information intelligence, human capital, and the finest financial engineering meet.

Additional Innovative Capital

SPVs, Crowdsource, DAOs, and more. Our extensive investor network with expertise in the most innovative capital vehicles spans the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

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